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Honda Dax ST70 Meets Honda Grom

At MY50 we are always on the look out for cool custom builds.

The culture of small bikes is growing and so is the creativity around the custom builds.

We got in touch with the guys from Therapy Garage (  in Traverse City Michigan to chat about their latest build on a Honda Dax ST70

Really it’s a Honda DaxST70 meets Honda Grom to come out with an amazing build that’s way cool!

The paint job was outsourced to a good friend of the garage, the pin stripping was done in house and always they handcrafted and upholstered the seat in house. This one included 1/2” of gel to make up for it’s low profile design.

Therapy Garage used a Chimera Cold Air Intake system with a K&N Hi-Flow air filter. The intake comes already setup with the bung for the cold air sensor that the EFI needs. On this application, however, they needed to shorten the intake and also relocate the port for the crankcase breather. A little aluminium TIG welding and a fresh bake of powder coat and the mod looks like it came from the factory that way.

The guys at Therapy Garage sure came up with a cool custom Honda Dax ST70 and I am sure they have more cool builds coming up.  Here at MY50 we look forward to their next creation…

Go check Therapy Garage out next time you are in Traverse City Michigan.

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